Workshops about stereoscopic 3D soon

Soon I will start some stereoscopic 3D workshops at diverse levels:
1) Introduction to 3D (stereoscopy 101)
Everything an executive, a producer or any audiovisual professional need to know about 3D
History of stereoscopy, glossary of terms, principles, basic equipment
2) 3D for indies (guerrilla 3D)
How to start to make decent stereoscopic 3D with the minimal technical resources
3D photography
3D video
3) Professional stereoscopic 3D
Advanced stereoscopic 3D techniques
State of the art in stereoscopic production
3D postproduction
The job of the stereoscopist and the assistant to stereoscopist
Advice for 3D live broadcasts

If interested, and in order to be informed about dates to start de course, you can send an email to, with the subject 3D Workshops and mentioning on the email body the following information:

First Name
Last Name
Contact phone (will prefixes for international calls)
Language for the workshop (CAT, ES, EN, FR, RU)
Why do you want to participate in the workshop?
Expectations about the workshop
Would you go to Barcelona, Spain if the workshop couldn’t be held near your city/in your country?