For super fans of U2: U2 3D this saturday

Super fans of U2, with enough cash, might spend a dream weekend in Park City, Utah, USA going to the Sundance film festival and watching the Premiere of the 3D movie that was shot during Vertigo tour of the Irish band.
Taking advantage of your trip, you can ski nearby on the excellent ski stations.
There will be two sessions for the movie:

· Saturday January 19th, 9:45pm, Eccles Theatre, Park City
· Saturday January 19th, Midnight, Eccles Theatre, Park City

If you don’t want to miss it … go to the web and try to purchase the ticket before going there.
To get to Park City, Utah, USA best is to fly with Delta to the Salt Lake City hub.
Look for additional information at Sundance & Delta websites.
Flying from Europe to the USA even the same Saturday, because of time zone difference, could make possible to arrive on time to watch the movie if leaving Europe in the morning and there are no incidents nor delays during connections.