3DX – Hollywood comes to Singapore: The Red Carpet

Hollywood heavyweights are arriving in Singapore for the world’s first 3D Film & Entertainment Technology Festival (3DX). Only ever before at the Oscars has this star-studded list of industry executives, filmmakers and actors been together in one room.

Industry executives; Jeffrey Katzenberg (CEO, Dreamworks Animation), Jim Gianopulos (Chairman, 20th Century Fox), Jon Landau (Academy Award winning Director and Producer), Dan Glickman (President, Motion Picture Association of America), Mark Zoradi (President, Walt Disney Motion Pictures) and Greg Foster (Chairman and President, Filmed Entertainment, IMAX Corporation) will all be in Singapore to promote the future of 3D movies and the impact of 3D technology and applications.

Brendan Fraser, star of Journey to the Center of the Earth, will be leading the charge for Hollywood actors, with countless directors and producers, including U23D Director, Catherine Owens, all coming to Singapore for 3DX.

The 3DX festival and forum will take place from November 19 – 23, 2008 in Singapore and will be kicked off by a red carpet gala reception. 3DX will be comprised of a business forum and film festival including: public screenings, festival based showings of newly released 3-D films and international speaker sessions.