Open Movie / Open Game

Matt Hanson has announced that will direct the movie “Swarm of Angels” in the format of «Open Movie» with a budget of 1.5 million Euros and a direct collaboration of 50,000 members of an online community.

On the other hand, Ton Roosendaal the dutch genious behind the Open Source 3D software Blender and strong participant in “Elephants Dream”, the first short film using open source software and being indeed the initial Open Movie project, has announced “Peach”, a feature film with the «Open Movie» format. In parallel, he is also working in the project “Apricot”, first game under the concept “Open Game”.

”Open Movie” is a distribution format proposed if not all at least in part by Ton Roosendaal, through which a movie is made (normally in 3D), with open source tools, and is delivered in exhibition format (DVD, HD-DVD, BluRay, Download, 35mm), but also the source files containing the character’s 3D models, animations, sound track, props, sets, etc, so the users and consumers are able to modify at will. It has the possibility for anyone to add subtitles and sell on his own language a new distribution, always maintaining the restrictions (if any) of the Creative Commons license (Some Rights Reserved). The participation of the internet community in the project, is another common trend in this kind of projects. Depending on the rights reserved (as opposite to copyright), a consumer could make for example a new end, or develop a different plot, and sell the movie with this new structure.

The newly coined them “Open Game”, is almost an identical copy of the above idea, but applied to video games instead of feature films.