Release dates of 3D movies during 2008

To all the readers of I wish you a happy new year 2008.

We must get ready this year for those topics related to 3D cinema. Despite waiting for official confirmation, the release dates for 3D movies in 2008 are:

January 25th
U2 3D live performance in seven different concerts of U2 in South America during the Vertigo Tour in early 2006. An advance has been screened in Cannes Film Festival 2007 (May), and during the IBC ’07 (September) – to this last one I was able to go in person, and it was really great, despite I could not stay for long to conclude the whole movie because I had to take a plane back to Barcelona.

From February 1st to 7th Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour.

February 15th
Send me to the moon a tale of three young flies getting into the Apollo XI during its flight to the moon. Tim Curry, Robert Patrick, Kelly Ripa, Nicollette Sheridan and Christopher Lloyd, are the voice talent of the CGI characters.

July 11th
Journey 3D VFX supervisor Eric Brevig has turned into a director to lead the adaptation of classic novel by Jules Verne: Journey to the center of the Earth. Brendan Fraser and Josh Hutcherson are confirmed.

Audrey Blaze Piranhas 3D the director was not announced yet, so it is very likely the movie is postponed.

Igor directed by Anthony Leondis.

November 26th Bolt (originally titled American Dog) will have the voice talent of John Travolta and Susie Essman and will be directed by Chris Williams.

Winter 2008-2009
Final Destination 4 the director of Final Destination 2, David R. Ellis comes back to the franchise. Indeed, Final Destination 3 was in development with the title Final Destination 3D, but at the very last moment, the producers decided not to produce it as a 3D movie, due to the cost and difficulties. The movie could be postponed until 2009.

During 2008, but not official release date yet